48 Hr Aftercare

48 Hrs Aftercare

Did you know it can take upto 48 hours for you to adjust to having nail enchancements !

Take 12 hours for acrylic to completly set ?

Normal Polsh upto 8 hours to dry ?



There is nothing worse than treating yourself to a Nail Service , then getting home and breaking one !

or pulling one off . I've been there, it's the most disheartening thing ..........


Well ! Here at Sleek nails & Beauty we have a 48Hr Aftercare service with ALL our Services .


If you do unfortunatily have an accident where a nail is damaged / broken ~ worry Not ! Give me a call, and we'll arrange for you to pop back for a repair FREE OF CHARGE .




If you should break one/ pull one off after this period please don't give up , I'm just a call away and for £3 a nail and 20 mins of your time I can make it good as new for you .

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved